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Human Resources
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Skye Duckett
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VP - Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer
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Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Georgia Institute of Technology that each employee's dress and grooming be appropriate for our work environment.

The normal dress code will be relaxed during the summer to provide a more practical and comfortable clothing standard. This policy will be in effect at the beginning of the summer semester and ending after the Labor Day holiday. Fridays throughout the year will be designated as Business Casual Dress Day. It is the intent that each employee may choose to wear less formal attire as long as clothing is in good taste and will not negatively affect the Institute's image.


Acceptable personal appearance is an ongoing responsibility of each employee. Specifically, "common sense" should be the basic guideline and employees should not wear suggestive attire, athletic clothing, shorts, T-shirts, novelty buttons, baseball hats, and similar items of casual attire that do not present a businesslike image.

As always, supervisors are responsible for determining appropriate dress for each specific work situation or environment. Radical departures from conventional dress or personal grooming standards will not be permitted. When dealing with customers and the public, your attire should be consistent with a positive business image.


Employees whose jobs require them to wear uniforms and/or whose attire must meet prescribed safety standards are not covered by this policy.