The Georgia Tech faculty governance body or administrative unit primarily responsible for the implementation of an Institute policy. All policies are ultimately subject to the approval of the President and the authority of the Board of Regents.

Step 1: Determine Policy Scope and Type

  • Scope: The Policy Steering Committee can help a Policy Owner or Champion determine if a policy is an Institute or a department policy. Only Institute policies are approved using the Institute Policy Development and Life Cycle Process. Departments have their own procedures for approving their department policies.
  • Type: The Policy Steering Committee determines whether an Institute policy is Academic or Administrative.
Step 2: Initiate Policy Development
  • For new or substantial revision to Institute Policy only
  • If the proposed policy is either a new Institute policy or a substantial revision to an existing Institute policy then:
  • Policy Owner completes a Policy Development & Communication sheet.
  • Policy Owner submits a Policy Development & Communication sheet to Department Supervisor for signature.
  • Policy Steering Committee reviews Policy Development & Communication sheet to confirm: (i) Institute policy type (Academic or Administrative); (ii) substantial v. editorial revision; (iii) whether policy/revision is needed; and (iv) whether expedited review is needed.
Step 3: Policy Steering Committee Review
  • Policy Owner develops draft of the proposed policy using the Institute Policy Template.
  • Policy Owner presents the draft policy for review by the Policy Steering Committee.
  • Policy Steering Committee recommends additional revision, suggests review by stakeholder and/or approves posting the draft policy for campus comment period
Step 4: Cabinet Approval
  • Draft policy completes campus comment period and Policy Owner makes any additional revisions based on stakeholder feedback.
  • Policy is then submitted to the President's Cabinet for approval.
Step 5: Policy Publication and Communication
  • Policy Publication: Once adopted, Institute policies are published in the relevant section of the Policy Library, as well as highlighted in the Policy Library's Recently Updated Policies section.
  • Policy Communication: All new or substantial revisions to Institute policies are communicated to the campus community
Step 6: Policy Review
  • All Institute policies should be reviewed by the Policy Owner every three years after adoption or substantial revision, or when there is a change in applicable law, regulation, or Board of Regents policy, whichever comes first.
  • The Policy Steering Committee will coordinate three year policy reviews to be conducted by the Policy Owner. This does not prevent more frequent review of policy by the above individuals, if desired.
  • After review, if a substantial revision must be made to a policy, begin again at Step 2.