The Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), a non-profit educational and research corporation affiliated with Georgia Institute of Technology, serves as the contracting entity for Resident Instruction colleges of Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (GTARC), also a non-profit research and education affiliate of Georgia Tech, acts as the contracting entity for the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Both corporations serve Georgia Tech in the financial administration of externally funded research programs and related research activities. All proposals for external funding must be routed through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or Corporate & International Contracting for official submission to the sponsoring agency in the name of GTRC or GTARC as appropriate.

OSP verifies the proposed budget and handles all contractual or grant administrative matters relating to the submission and subsequent funding of proposals. OSP or Corporate & International Contracting is responsible for negotiating the terms of research and related contracts. GTRC or GTARC is the recipient of the award and the contracting party while research is performed, per formal agreement, by Georgia Institute of Technology faculty, staff, and students under the direction of the Principal Investigator who shall be a member of the General Faculty and under the oversight and control of the school chair and dean, laboratory director, or other designated senior administrative official of the units in which the research is conducted.

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