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Tina Rousselot de Saint Ceran
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Director International Student and Scholar Services
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Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is a recognized program sponsor of the BridgeUSA program (AKA J1 visa program). The BridgeUSA program provides a mechanism to invite international visiting scholars for the purpose of academic and cultural exchange. This policy outlines faculty host supervisor responsibilities to ensure adequate monitoring of Georgia Institute of Technology’s BridgeUSA program and institutional compliance with 22 CFR Part 62, Exchange Visitor Program.

Policy Statement

Faculty host supervisors of Exchange Visitors must comply with all applicable U.S. federal laws and Institute policies and procedures. Guidance regarding these requirements is found within this policy, and at the Office of International Education website: https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j-1-exchange-visitors. Faculty host supervisor responsibilities include properly vetting Exchange Visitors prior to extending invitations, completing annual training requirements, conducting bi-weekly check-ins with Exchange Visitors, ensuring compliance with supervisory limits, and timely reporting of any changes or incidents to the Office of International Education (OIE).

Mandatory Faculty Host Supervisor Training
Faculty host supervisors and academic administrators are responsible for completing mandatory BridgeUSA host training once per year. Learn more at https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j-1-exchange-visitors.

Supervisory Limits
The faculty host supervisor must disclose the current number of Exchange Visitors they are supervising during the time of an Exchange Visitor’s visit. Each faculty host supervisor can host no more than three Exchange Visitors concurrently. Academic

Incident Reporting Requirements
The U.S. Department of State mandates that Georgia Tech report any serious incidents involving Exchange Visitors within 24 hours of receiving notice of the incident. Incidents are further defined as death or  serious injury, sexual abuse, arrest of an exchange visitor, or the involvement of an Exchange Visitor as a victim or perpetrator of a serious crime. Incidents also include any potential litigation related to a sponsor's Exchange Visitor program in which the sponsor or an exchange visitor may be a named party. Faculty must report incidents to OIE immediately by submitting the OIE Feedback report online at https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j-1-exchange-visitors.

Faculty Host Supervisor Leave
The Faculty Host Supervisor must be in a period of Active service at Georgia Tech’s campus in Atlanta or at another Approved Site of Activity with the Exchange Visitors during the entire hosting period. If the faculty host supervisor is not in a period of Active service for more than ten (10) consecutive business days, the host must contact the Office of General Counsel Export & Trade Compliance and OIE to designate an alternate faculty host supervisor during their absence. Alternate Faculty Host Supervisors are responsible for complying with all aspects of this policy, including completion of the mandatory Faculty Host Supervisor training. Learn more at https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j-1-exchangevisitors.

Faculty Host Supervisor Reporting Requirements
Faculty host supervisors must report any requests for program date changes, program purpose, program objectives, or Exchange Visitor’s employment status to OIE following instructions outlined at https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j1-exchange-visitors. Faculty host supervisors and Exchange Visitors must await approval of these changes from OIE before making changes to assignments or continuing employment or training beyond previously approved dates. Learn more here: https://isss.oie.gatech.edu/content/hosting-j-1-exchange-visitors.


This policy applies to faculty host supervisors inviting and hosting Exchange Visitor participation in Georgia Institute of Technology's BridgeUSA Program.

Policy Terms

Active Service
Faculty Host Supervisor is not in a period of professional absence or leave as defined by 3.1.4 Professional Absence and Leave Policies.

Approved Site of Activity
An approved physical location where Exchange Visitors can engage in their program objectives. The Approved Site of Activity must be a location that is reviewed and approved in advance by Georgia Tech’s Office of International Education.

BridgeUSA Program
Program designated by the Department of State which allows Georgia Institute of Technology to host Exchange Visitors for the purpose of academic and cultural exchange.

Exchange Visitor
A foreign national who has been selected by Georgia Institute of Technology to participate in the BridgeUSA program, and who is seeking to enter or has entered the United States temporarily on a non-immigrant J-1 visa or who has obtained J status in the United States based on a Form DS-2019 issued by the sponsor. The term does not include the accompanying spouse and dependents of the exchange visitor. This term includes Georgia Tech paid employees and Georgia Tech Affiliates. This policy is specific to the following BridgeUSA Exchange Visitor categories: Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar, Student Intern, and Specialist as defined by 8 CFR § 214.2(j) Exchange Visitors.

Faculty Host Supervisor
The Georgia Tech faculty member inviting, supporting, and monitoring an Exchange Visitor’s BridgeUSA program participation. Tenured track, non-tenured, academic, and research faculty with full-time appointments at Georgia Tech’s main campus in Atlanta are eligible to become faculty host supervisors.

Program Objectives
Research and academic plan while participating in the BridgeUSA program as specified on form DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for the J-1 visa.


Faculty Host Supervisor
The faculty host supervisor is responsible for complying with the BridgeUSA program policies outlined above.


Violations of this policy may result in loss of ability to host Exchange Visitors through Georgia Tech’s BridgeUSA program and, disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion as outlined in applicable Georgia Tech employment policies, as well as personal civil and/or criminal liability.

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February 1, 2024 International Initiatives, Office of International Education. New Policy