Note: This Memorandum of Understanding is to be prepared and submitted with each request to disburse participant support stipends or subsistence allowances to individuals who participate in sponsored conferences or research or instructional training programs.

Name of Program                                         Project/Fund Number

Department/Unit                                  Month/Day/Year

Participant is to place an (X) in the box below and complete the signature section indicating that you understand your obligation(s) regarding the reporting of stipend or subsistence allowances as taxable income on your tax return.

I am a United States Citizen or a Resident Alien, and I am participating in a research or instructional training program. To the best of my knowledge I am performing activities designed to train individuals in the performance of instructional or research projects, and this is not work the Institute would employ individuals to perform. I understand that I am not a Georgia Institute of Technology employee for payroll tax withholding purposes, and I am not covered by Worker’s Compensation under Georgia Law. Georgia Institute of Technology will issue an IRS Form 1099 for these payments. Furthermore, I understand that it is my responsibility to determine my tax liability and file my United States tax return with the IRS.

Definition of Participant Support Stipends or Subsistence Allowances

Participant Support stipends or subsistence allowances are paid to help defray the costs of personal maintenance while participating in a conference or training activity. Participants may be paid a stipend, per diem or subsistence allowance, based on the type and duration of the activity, as outlined in the pertinent sponsored program announcement and in the grant instrument. Such allowances must be documented and represent reasonable costs, in conformance with the Georgia Institute travel policies and procedures.

Definition of Participant Support Reimbursement of Expenses

Travel costs of participants in research of instructional training programs may be allowable as outlined in the pertinent program announcement and in the grant instrument.


Printed Name of Participant                                          Social Security Number


Signature of Participant                                                              Date

Signature of Departmental Representative                                      Date

Distribution: Accounts Payable; Participant; Department