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Reason for Policy

This procedure explains how to write-off cost overruns on sponsored projects.

Policy Statement

Any budgetary unit incurring a cost overrun on a sponsored project will be solely responsible for its removal.


The budgetary unit must submit a Request for Cost Transfer - Sponsored Projects form in accordance with the procedures established and detailed elsewhere in the Policy Library.

  1. It is permissible to transfer an expense to the budgetary unit's current year's State funds or to discretionary sponsored funds if the expense causing the overrun is incurred in the current fiscal year. (Instruction or General Research funds - NEVER to Indirect Research)
  2. The expense must be written-off against current year funds for active projects. The budgetary unit must identify the current year's State account which is being used to cover the deficit.

The Request for Cost Transfer/Encumbrance - Sponsored Projects form may be obtained from the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting.