Petty Cash Reimbursement Procedures

Policy No:  1.5.2
Type of Policy:  Administrative
Effective Date:  November 2009
Review Date:  September 2016
Contact Name:  Carol Gibson
Contact Title:  Controller
Contact Email:
Policy Statement: 

Petty cash expenditures made by a department that does not have its own petty cash fund are reimbursed by the cashiers in the Bursar's Office. Please refer to "Petty Cash Fund General Guidelines" for specific information regarding allowable petty cash transactions.


Submit a Petty Cash Replenishment/Reimbursement Request Form to the Bursar's cashier window within ten (10) working days following a purchase, or, if at year end, by the published cutoff date. Failure to turn in receipts promptly may jeopardize reimbursement if the funding source has lapsed.
The Petty Cash Replenishment/Reimbursement Request Form must include the following information and attachments:

  • Original of the vendor's customary receipt which includes:
    • Vendor name
    • Date of purchase
    • Items purchased (to be completed by department if not on receipt)
    • Price per item
    • Total price for the quantity received
  • Appropriate accounting distribution
  • Signature of the individual authorized to approve departmental purchases must be on the Petty Cash Replenishment/Reimbursement Request Form
  • Departments may require the individual purchaser to sign or initial the receipt(s)
  • A copy of the current signed monthly departmental self cash count, evidencing that a count has been performed within 30 days and is being completed in a manner consistent with "Departmental Petty Cash Fund Procedures".
  • Upon verification of the completed form and receipts, the petty cash expenditures will be reimbursed by the cashier.