Promoting Ethical Behavior at Georgia Tech

October 23, 2014

As a public research university, Georgia Tech is a steward of taxpayer dollars, research funding, and tuition paid by students and their families. Because fraud and acts of unethical behavior deplete resources that could be used to fund programs and positions necessary for performing our jobs more effectively and advancing the Institute’s strategic goals, each member of the Georgia Tech community has an obligation to help ensure that Institute resources are used responsibly.

“In addition to everyone’s personal responsibility to be ethical, the Institute would like our students and employees to help Georgia Tech achieve the highest levels of ethical and fraud-free behavior across the board,” said Steve Swant, executive vice president for the Division of Administration and Finance. “We are encouraging everyone to do the right thing: If you know something, please do something. Upholding high ethical standards and behavior is everyone’s responsibility."

In conjunction with the University System of Georgia’s efforts to promote International Fraud Awareness Week this November, Georgia Tech is launching a yearlong campaign to:

  • Raise awareness about fraud.
  • Provide resources to foster greater understanding about what constitutes ethical behavior.
  • Encourage faculty, staff, and students to report suspected fraudulent and unethical behavior.

The campaign launches on November 5, with the campuswide event "Ethical Leadership for the 21st Century," featuring Cynthia Cooper, whistleblower and former vice president of WorldCom as well as TIME magazine’s 2002 “Person of the Year.” President G.P. "Bud" Peterson will introduce Cooper, and a panel discussion will follow. Other campaign elements will include training videos to educate the community on key Institute policy and compliance issues, and communications promoting the EthicsPoint hotline and the Policy Library.

The Georgia Tech Policy Library contains more than 500 searchable Institute policies ranging from purchasing to hosting campus events, making information on what constitutes the “right thing” accessible to everyone. Anyone who suspects fraud or unethical behavior is encouraged to file an anonymous report via the EthicsPoint website at or by calling 866.294.5565. EthicsPoint is third-party vendor available 24/7 that guarantees the anonymity of all reports.

Understanding and advocating for ethical behavior is everyone’s responsibility at Georgia Tech. Even the seemingly small acts, both good and bad, add up and make a big impact­. All community members are encouraged to get in the know and do the right thing to help protect Tech’s resources and reputation.

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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin

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