6. Campus Use Procedures

The application of these procedures will be consistent with the Policy on Freedom of Expression set out in Section 5.1 of the Faculty Handbook.  The procedures set out in Section 6 apply to the use of lands and buildings owned or leased by the Institute for activities, where the Institute allows use of its property by students, faculty, staff, and/or members of the general public. This procedure does not apply to the Institute’s official departmental uses of Institute property. This is based on a due regard for the purpose for which real property is owned or leased; the purpose for which the facility is established; the safety of the applicant or of Institute students and employees or of the public; the safety and maintenance of Institute property; the need for and the availability of supervisory personnel; and the maximum number of people who can safely use the property at one time.

This procedure applies to all faculty, staff, students and guests of Georgia Tech. Individuals who are not students or employees of the Institute are required to abide by all pertinent campus policies and regulations while on Institute property. Activities on Institute property may not violate any federal, state, or local safety code, including regulations set by the State Fire Marshal.

The sponsor of the activity will accept responsibility for sponsoring and supervising the program, accept responsibility for assuring that the scheduled facilities are used for the purposes for which they were scheduled, accept responsibility for operating costs (those which apply) and for reimbursing the Institute for damage to Institute property or facilities that might occur in connection with the scheduled activity, ensure that all promotion and advertising of events involving the use of Institute facilities shall identify the individual or group that is the original sponsor of the event. All groups involved in funding the event also should be identified.

Institute students, faculty, and staff may not reserve an Institute facility on behalf of or for the use of an outside organization so the outside organization can use the facility at a reduced rate. The authorized designee of the Institute for a facility may deny or rescind permission to use that facility if it is determined that the use is not primarily for the benefit of the student, faculty, staff or officially recognized organization making the reservation. Failure to comply with this policy and procedure may result in denial of use of Institute space and facilities.

Persons or organizations who are planning a public assembly and have questions may contact the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students can be helpful if there is uncertainty about applicable Institute rules, the appropriateness of the planned location, or possible conflict with other events.

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